Call for Papers

The Symposium will provide a platform for dialogue and discussions between policy-makers, policy-advisors, practitioners and academicians to address the problems related to financing for development in OIC countries. A special session will be allocated to academicians to share the outcomes and policy implications of their research during the Symposium.

In this context, theoretical and empirical research papers are invited for submission to the Symposium in the following and other related areas:

  • Availability and effectiveness of current instruments for financing development

  • International capital flows, including foreign direct investments, and their role on financing development

  • Means and instruments for effectively mobilizing available domestic resources

  • Specific challenges faced by OIC countries on financing for development

  • Alternative mechanisms for financing sustainable and inclusive development

  • Regulatory and legislative infrastructure for alternative financing mechanisms, including Islamic finance instruments

  • Measures for improving development aid effectiveness and reducing aid dependency.

  • Effective use of humanitarian aids and development assistance for building resilience;

  • Issues related to indebtedness and debt sustainability in financing development

  • Resources and alternative approaches for regional cooperation on financing for development

  • Measures to mobilize and improve the effective allocation of available resources for financing national development projects.

The authors of the high quality papers will be invited to present their research during the Symposium. The selection of the papers will be made by an academic committee comprising the members of editorial board of the Journal of Economic Cooperation and Development. Selected high quality papers will also be published in a special issue of the Journal.

Important Dates

Submission of abstracts with author biographies 5 July 2018

Decision of academic committee 12 July 2018

Submission of preliminary drafts 13 September 2018

Decision of academic committee 24 September 2018

Submission of final drafts 18 October 2018

Submission of presentation material 25 October 2018

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