OIC Statistical Outlook


Starting with 2019, SESRIC has started issuing the “OIC Statistical Outlook” series as a fortnightly thematic statistical publication which will be merged as a final compendium at the end of each year as the “Statistical Yearbook on OIC Member Countries”.

Prepared by the Data and Information Management Unit at the Statistics and Information Department of SESRIC, each OIC Statistical Outlook covers one of the categories hosted at OIC Statistics Database (OICStat). In each issue, the readers will benefit from not only the data for all OIC member countries with OIC and World level aggregate values, where applicable, but also brief analysis with figures reviewing the performance and progress of the OIC member countries in the covered thematic category.

The recently published OIC Statistical Outlook issues can be accessed from the links given below:

Recent Issues

OIC Statistical Outlook 2019: Private Sector (15 February 2019)

OIC Statistical Outlook 2019: International Finance (31 January 2019)

OIC Statistical Outlook 2019: Labour and Social Protection (15 January 2019)