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OIC countries are home to one of the highest concentrations of youth in the world, which offers unmatched advantages in the realm of industry, innovation, growth and labour power. While other regions in the world are experiencing a decline in youth demographic, youth population in the OIC countries continue to grow and will reach one third of the total population by 2050. To tap into the vast potential youth carry, OIC member states have made youth engagement, challenges and concerns a priority.

At the third Islamic Conference on Youth and Sports Ministers held in Istanbul, Turkey on 5-7 October 2016, the decision was reached to prepare a report on “The State of Youth in the OIC Member States”. SESRIC played a vital role in the preparation of the Report and continues to undertake research to pinpoint the challenges youth face in the OIC countries such as unemployment, health services, radicalism, conflict and political engagement. SESRIC, through its comprehensive reports on youth not only investigates the challenges facing youth in Member Countries, but also provides concrete direction on how to overcome these challenges with the aim of transforming youth into a productive and creative force for Member States.

SESRIC research in the area of youth delves into trends around the world and examines best practices to formulate actionable points for Member States backed by reliable and valid quantitative data and qualitative research. Ultimately, SESRIC aims to identify the foundational issues faced by youth across the OIC countries and provide institutional, short-to-long term and sustainable solutions that will eliminate these challenges.